We have skilled 53,000 unemployed youth linking them to sustainable livelihoods as a CSR delivery partner to 30+ corporate

Given our experience in several social infrastructure segments, we offer our CSR partners a holistic approach towards sustainable, long term CSR. We follow a rigorous and systematic approach for planning and implementing CSR projects for skill development. The intervention framework is developed on the basis of the organizational vision, needs assessment of the targeted geography and learnings from best practices of similar initiatives. It is evolved on the basis of a socio-economic baseline study and an assessment of stakeholder needs and aspirations, risks and opportunities, identifying areas and opportunities for shared value creation and leveraging of government initiatives

We at IL&FS Skills understand the need of our clients and accordingly recommend various models for implementing impactful projects directly/indirectly aligned to their business initiative. The following are the various models for implementing skills development projects :

Model I : Provide ready to move building for setting up of skills institutes

Model II : Provide training equipments for setting up of labs

Model III : Sponsorship of candidates’ training