IL&FS Skills follows a rigorous and systematic approach for planning and implementing the CSR projects in skill development projects. The intervention framework is developed on the basis of the organizational vision, need assessment of the targeted geography and learning’s from best practices of similar initiatives. It is evolved on the basis of a socio-economic baseline study and an assessment of stakeholder needs and aspirations, risks and opportunities, identifying areas and opportunities for shared value creation and leveraging of government initiatives

IL&FS Skills is actively engaged in implementing an array of skills development projects under various government schemes and corporate/PSU. We at IL&FS Skills understand the need of the catchment areas and accordingly recommend various models for implementing impactful projects directly/indirectly aligned to their business initiative. The following are the various models for implementing skills development projects :

Model I: IL&FS Skills has an expertise in establishing multi trade skills institutes for cooperates/PSUs. The institute caters to the need of unemployed youth, industry etc. The institute is set up in brick and mortar mode or by refurbishment of rented building provided by client, government etc. Presently such model is initiated under CSR initiative of GAIL at Dediapada (Gujarat), Guna (MP), Tandur (Telengana) and Nagaram (AP), Cairn Enterprise (Barmer), Vedanta (Korba), etc

Model II- In order to attain extensive outreach IL&FS Skills operate though Hub and Spoke model. Presently IL&FS skills has 61+ IL&FS Institute of Skill (Hub) and 175+ IL&FS Skills School (Spoke) spread across 26 states and ~550 districts across the country. The Skills Institutes/ Schools implement various Government funded schemes and CSR mandates of corporates/PSUs such as Oil India, Petro Net LNG, Sesa Sterlite, Nalanda Foundation, Suzlon India etc