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The rising and disposable incomes in urban societies have resulted in an increase in spending and consumption of food prepared in hotels and restaurants. This has effected in the need for a skilled workforce in the food production segment of the F&B industry. Cooks are the mainstay of the food service industry. They can work in restaurants, cafeterias, lunchrooms, hotels, cruise liners and other places that prepare and serve food. Cooks plan menus and prepare food for customers. Their specific responsibilities vary depending on the type and size of the institution for which they work. In a larger restaurant with several employees you can typically expect to find a number of cooks and chefs together with kitchen workers, such as food prep employees. Responsibilities may include washing and cutting fruits and vegetables, trimming meat and keeping an eye on stove tops and ovens. 

Who is an Assistant Cook 

An Assistant Cook works in the kitchen of a hotel or a restaurant. As the name suggests, the Assistant Cook assists cooks and chefs in food production and cooking activities in hotels, restaurants, cafes and other food establishments. The Assistant Cook has knowledge of different cuts of vegetables, cuts of meat, ingredients, equipments, cooking methods. He/she also prepares a variety of soups, stocks and sauces, sets up live counters. 
What are the Job Prospects & Career Progression 

Assistant Cook --> Comi 2 --> Comi 1 --> DCDP --> CDP (Chef de partie) --> Junior Sous Chef --> Sous Chef --> Executive Sou Chef --> Executive Chef 

An Assistant Cook with a qualification of 10th or 12th, who is skilled and meets requirements, can rise up to CDP in bigger organisations such as 4 or 5 star hotels and up to Junior Sous Chef in smaller organisations (3 star). 
What are the Common Designations in various Industries
Cook General
Our placement cell works closely with the industry and other potential employers on an on-going basis to facilitate the successful placement of candidate. Some of our placement partners are :

-Holiday Inn Express & Suites
-Park Hyatt
-Summer Green Resorts
-Naga Kitchen
-Leela Palace
-Indian Chilly Square
-The Oberoi Gulshan
-Fotune Inn Grazia
-Habitat World
-Sagar Ratna Restaurants Pvt Ltd.
-Tikka Town
-Mc Donalds
-Barbeque Nation
-Hotel Clarks Inn
-ITC Gardenia
-J.W Mariott

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