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Basic Electrician

National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) Level

Course Name: Basic Electrician

Description: This course is aimed at training candidates for the job of "Electrician", in the "Engineering" industry.

Certification Partner:

Eligibility: 8th - 10th pass

Duration: 264 hrs



Most electricians work for electrical contractors, while some are self employed. They work in residential and commercial buildings. They diagnose electrical problems by studying diagrams, manuals and specifications, troubleshoot by conducting tests and repair electrical faults. Electricians work in cramped spaces and spend a lot of time standing or kneeling. They are subject to minor injuries such as burns, shocks and falls. Hence there is a pressing need for training to be imparted on safety and best practices to enhance their skill and dexterity. 

Who is an Electrician 

An electrician is a person specializing in electrical wiring of buildings. He installs, maintains and troubleshoots electrical wiring systems in residential and commercial buildings. Electricians work either inside or outside to make possible the use of lights, televisions, industrial equipment, appliances and many other items essential to life. 
What are the Job Prospects & Career Progression 

Helper Electrician --> Assistant Electrician --> Electrician 

What are the Common Designations in various Industries
Assistant Electrician
Our placement cell works closely with the industry and other potential employers on an on-going basis to facilitate the successful placement of candidate. Some of our placement partners are :

-Himalaya Refrigeration & Co.
-Sai Cool Point
-Sanjukta Refrigeration
-Govindum Tieup Pvt.Ltd

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