Impact Evaluation

DIPP Impact Assessment Report

An assessment on the impact of the skill development initiatives through DIPP was undertaken by IL&FS Skills in Karnataka to assess broadly the impact of the programme on the lives of the poor BPL families with regard to economic and social aspects.
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Impact Study Of Trainees Of Il&FS Centres From Odisha

An impact study was implemented by IL&FS clusters in association with Ministry of Rural Development (MORD), Government of India to assess broadly the impact of the programme on the lives of the poor BPL families mainly in economic and social areas. 10% random sample of the passed out trainees during the last three years were taken centre wise to undertake the investigation besides the stakeholders such as pris, village leaders and Government officials. A team consisting of eight professionals from XIMB visited all the above centre areas to investigate and find out the impact in different aspects of beneficiary’s life. In addition, the IL&FS officials and the Industry representatives were also contacted to solicit their views on the programme.
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SEAM Impact study report - MIDS

The impact evaluation study on the industrial sector’s employment opportunities led by the IL&FS Clusters Development Initiative, evaluates the trainees well-being through their job opportunities availed by IL&FS skill development training programmes. It covers 54 training centres and placement partners in the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The study assesses the five components:

a) Relevance;
b) Effectiveness in Achieving the Targets / Outcome;
c) Efficiency in Achieving the Targets / Outcome;
d) Sustainability of the program;
e) Impact of the Program on the Socio-Economic status of beneficiaries.
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