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Client NameWadhwani Foundation

About the Project:

Wadhwani Foundation and IL&FS Skills partnered in 2012 to address some of the issues like primary challenge of skilling differently abled i.e. inclusion in mainstream education or vocational training due to lack of infrastructure and facilities, absence of dedicated trainers to train people with different kinds of disabilities, negligible employment opportunities in mainstream employment and course material which may be difficult to access for persons with visual impairment or other social challenges and created a programme which linked those who are hard to hear and visually impaired to jobs in the organized sector.

A placement linked skills programme for more than 1000 youth, especially those who are hard of hearing and face orthopaedic challenges in Garment Checking and Domestic BPO was rolled out in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Delhi – NCR, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab. The teams overcame the initial challenges of mobilisation due to lack of awareness amongst families and prejudices of employers to deliver a programme designed to address the needs of the differently abled learner. At the IL&FS Institute of Skills (IIS) the trainees were given a hands-on learning environment such that they could “learn by doing“ by senior, experienced trainers and instructors.
Under this programme, we have trained over 1,400 differently abled people over a period of 3 years across 7 states in manufacturing and service sector trades.

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